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icon post 02 [Nov. 1st, 2008|06:05 pm]
kickass graphics !


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two posts in one day? that's freaking amazing. i think it's because it's a saturday so pardon the spam towards the community. this is just a whole lot of experimenting with one picture. five icons in total. if there is one particular style that's better than another, please tell me so i can improve lol. comment if you're taking and if you have any more awesome pictures of katy perry, feel free to link them up too because she's such an awesome person to icon.

  01 - 05.

I know that it isn't much! and i'm sorry for that but you have no idea how long it takes for me to be satisfied with these damn icons. each one takes more  or less than five minutes and even then, I go through tons of variations to come up with the ones that I actually show people ><"

From: ladyecstasy
2008-11-01 11:09 pm (UTC)
Yer getting better and better <3 And hot damn, I seriously love your brushes and cropping. dont get better then me!
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