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icon post 3 [Nov. 4th, 2008|01:18 am]
kickass graphics !


[Current Music |captains and cruise ships - owl city]

pissed. when pissed; make icons =D
i had found lots of really pretty misha barton pictures and knew that i would find time to icon them either today or tomorrow [or today i should say since its already the next day; freaking 1:20 at night] so it was just crop, color, texture. twenty in all; each one about the same lol.

TEASERS! [haha, so THIS was what i was missing]


there is a difference between two and three; its just a different type of texture and such; lots of experimenting but a whole lot of not caring about these icons either. i'm proud of some of them, but just posted them all up because twenty is a nice wholesome number. please comment if you are using it anywhere and remember to read the rules! the textures i used will be posted up in the resources post right below this post soon; just give me some time to get it all organized. school and life in general, sucks ass right now so hold on! =D.